Bachelor degree work was performed in collaboration with the ARH laboratory, under the supervision of Lucian Petrică. This work is part of the Deforestation Detection project at ARH.

Bachelor Thesis Description

The goal of the thesis work was the construction of a wireless sensor network (WSN) node with acoustic localization capability, with the intent of utilizing this node to detect the position of chain-saw noise in a forest surveillance scenario. A printed circuit board was designed to accommodate a pair of MEMS I2S microphones and power conditioning circuits. A FPGA circuit was designed and implemented in Verilog to acquire sound from the digital microphones, sampling the sound and transferring the samples to a computer through a UART connection. A set of scripts and Matlab software was utilized on the PC to analyze the sound to determine the direction of the sound source. A Digilent Nexys-2 FPGA board was utilized to prototype the digital circuit.

The software and FPGA code, scripts, and PCB design files are open-source under the GNU GPL v3.0 license, and are available here

Bachelor thesis full text PDF and slides presentation (in Romanian)