Bachelor degree work was performed in collaboration with the ARH laboratory, under the supervision of Lucian Petrică. This work is part of the pRISC and OPINCAA projects at ARH.

Bachelor Thesis Description

The thesis targeted FPGA acceleration of radio source localization in GNU Radio utilizing the pRISC/Connex processor and OPINCAA. The MUSIC algorithm was selected as a target for acceleration and a GNU Radio processing chain was developed with the help of GNU Radio Companion. Profiling of the processing chain was performed to identify the performance hot-spots on both x86 and ARM processors. Three hot-spots were identified, of which one was fixed in the MUSIC C++ code, and the other two were accelerated on pRISC: signal auto-correlation and MUSIC spectrum computation. OPINCAA kernels were written, evaluated, and optimized for each of the hot-spots, and a functional demonstration of the accelerated system was implemented on a Digilent ZedBoard.

Bachelor thesis full text PDF and slides presentation (in Romanian)