Lucian Petrica, Laura Vasilescu, Ana Ion, and Octavian Radu published the paperIxFIZZ: Integrated Functional and Fuzz Testing Framework based on Sulley and SPIN” in Romanian Journal of Information Science and Technology, Volume 18, Issue 1, 2015, pp. 54-68


Fuzzing has long been established as a way to automate negative testing of software components. While effective, existing fuzzing frameworks lack the necessary features to test stateful protocols in-depth. We propose using the modelling language Promela, and its interpreter SPIN, as an intuitive and generic way to describe protocol state machines, allowing the automatic generation of stateful fuzzing scripts for the popular Sulley fuzzing framework. Our approach involves the simulation of the Promela description in order for a set of valid protocol conversation sequences to be extracted. These sequences are then automatically modified by IxFIZZ, which inserts erroneous messages in the protocol conversation according to a set of heuristics. This approach also enables automatic analysis of test results against the protocol model and a tight integration of fuzzing with existing test-driven methodologies. We evaluated IxFIZZ against Linphone, a popular multi-platform SIP phone, to demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach, and compared the results to PROTOS, an established fuzzing framework for stateful network protocols. Our results indicate that IxFIZZ is able to detect more defects in the target software.